What Our Clients Say

Wig Whisperer!

"Karen's Wigs is a very special place. We think Karen is the Wig Whisperer. I went with a friend who was going thru chemo. (Btw, she is doing very well, thank you.) We made a list of places to go but this was the only place we needed to go. Karen'sWigs. Its just a little suite on Broadway. Very simple office suite. Wigs galore.

The first wig Karen had my friend try on ... we got the goose pimples (!) ... its like when you're with a friend and she picks out The Perfect Wedding Dress. Same deal here. It was The Perfect Hair. Beautiful, beautiful hair. My bud tried on a few more, just because we're girls, and you have to try a few on. After my friend purchased it, Karen then cut and styled the wig, and schuuzed (how do you spell?). Fascinating to watch and my friend went back to have her hair shaved by Karen. Everybody told my bud save your $25 bucks, but Karen did the most beautiful cut. She brought it down to about 1 1/2" then, and 1" then 1/2".

Karen was so lovely about it. Not creepy or 'meaningful', it was just the right place to be. It was very lovely, if that's possible. (It was.) A plus: good neighborhood, so once you get a pretty wig you can treat yourself to a nice lunch at some swank restaurant nearby.

* Pros: Karen is excellent!
* Cons: Its an office suite, it's not like going to Elizabeth Arden Red Door. But if she was selling them off a truck I'd go where ever Karen is."

- Superbeeba, NYC; March 02, 2009 Via CitySearch, New York

"My oncologist asked me if I had started to lose my hair yet and I told him I was already wearing a wig. He couldn't tell!"

- A.B., Forest Hills

"Thanks to her beautiful wig, my mother can now go out and do the things she wants"

- D.N., Manahattan, NYC

Great Service

As a cancer patient struggling with the loss of my hair, Karen showed great compassion in addressing my concerns and needs. She was very thorough in explaining the many different types of wigs, their care and took time to style my "new hair". Losing my hair was hard, but Karen helped me begin the process by helping me pick out a perfect wig to make the transition unnoticeable to others.

- Chrissy42, NYC; September 2008 Via CitySearch, New York

Strongly recommended

"Karen gave me very sensitive and capable service at a difficult time. She explains both the products and process thoroughly and clearly. The end result was very satisfactory: even people who know I am undergoing chemotherapy couldn't believe I was wearing a wig when they saw me for the first time with it on."

- Csmem, NYC; January 2009

"I really love the wig I purchased from you. Working with you was such a pleasure. I have been buying wigs my entire adult life and no one was as kind and patient, not to mention professional, as you."

- R.T., Manhattan

"The hair piece I bought for my wedding worked wonderfully! It really made my special day even more so!"

- V.M., Washington, D. C.

"My second wig arrived today, thank you. It looks absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to visit New York again!"

- A.L., England

"A lady in my doctor's office complimented me on my hair. When I told her it was a wig she asked me where I got it. I gave her your card and she said she will need to see you as she will be losing her hair, too."

- G.D., Brooklyn, NYC