About Us

Karen Sell graduated from England's finest academies of hair and make-up artistry. She worked for the world-renowned Vidal Sassoon in London and then Jingles of London. After coming to New York, Karen was a top wig stylist at the former Jacques Darcel International and later became the store manager. In 1994, Karen opened her own business which has become New York's pre-eminent wig salon.

Your advantages with Karen's are many. Licensed stylists who have over twenty years experience patiently and carefully work with you. Wigs can be created and styled to your specific needs. High-lights can be added for a more natural look. We have a wonderful collection of the finest wigs to choose from, each coming in several different colors. We offer the use of our private booths to those who prefer them. We expertly service every wig we sell and we accept mail-in service in addition to walk-in service. We offer a wide selection of ancillary wig products including cleaners, turbans, caps, stands, brushes and combs.

Our affiliations with prominent cancer and alopecia support organizations have given us the necessary insight of people with medical needs. By properly fulfilling these needs and addressing these concerns, we become a source of care and comfort to our clients.

Our Philosophy

Beauty is more than skin deep; it rises from the core of the individual. Inversely, the people whom we respect and admire become beautiful to our eyes as well. True beauty is not about vanity of ascetics; it's about the truthful representation of a person's inner strengths, regardless of their physical condition.

There are many attractive people with bare scalps or thinning hair who are completely confident in their appearance. There are others, however, who feel more attractive with a thick head of hair. Alopecia, Lupus and chemotherapy side effects can result in rapid hair loss to men and women, many of whom may feel self-conscious or simply less than their best. There is no reason that they should not have access to the finest wigs and hair pieces available because fine hair replacement can offer a controllable asset towards one's self-image.

Two words for buying wigs online: Buyer Beware

The internet is a wonderful technology and shopping online can prove to be a savings in time and money except when buying a wig. There is absolutely no substitute for purchasing a wig from an established full-service wig salon such as Karenís.

Over the years, customers have related stories such as:

"I ordered a wig online in order to get it before leaving the country only to be told at the last minute that the wig was back ordered."

"I paid a $600 deposit to have a wig made for me which I ordered over the internet and then the company closed down."

"I ordered a wig in one color and another was shipped. I sent it back and then was told that the wig was not made in my color."

"The wig I received was different from the one I ordered.. I sent it back and was told the wig I ordered was discontinued."

"I was sold a wig that had already been worn."

"I bought a wig online that, upon inspection, was defective."

"I bought a wig online and the color I selected was not correct. It took several exchanges to get the right color and any savings I might have gotten were offset by shipping charges."

If you want peace of mind and an excellent value with your wig purchase come in and let us treat you to a wonderful experience. Our store is located at 1776, Broadway, Ste. 1708, New York, NY 10019. We are open Mon-Fri from 10 AM - 5:00 PM and Sat from 10 AM - 4 PM (By Appt. Only)